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The end of the week

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..the result is the ending of my flu, finally and thank god. It just goes to show that I wasnt allowing myself to rest and get better. When I finally did let myself rest I started to get better. Funny that. My brother-in-law also came over and Fort Knox'd our apartment with locks, wood and wedges so no fucking bastard will be able to break in here.

So after spending the night in Langley at my parents house, the hubby and I spent the afternoon cleaning our apartment, and then we managed to watch "Exit Through the Gift Shop", a documentary about Banksy & Mr Brainwash. I dunno, at the end of the film, I gather that Mr Brainwash used everyone to make money and get famous and that at the end of the day, this guy doesn't have any talent as an modern artist but is like Raphael, who was trained by Michelangelo.. a really good impersonator. Raphael couldnt make original art to save his life but he could impersonate Michaelangelo to a "T". This is what Mr Brainwash reminds me of. And I don't blame Banksy or Space Invader for distancing themselves from MBW. To me, just keep filming with your damn camera, pass the tapes to someone who CAN edit a film and stick to your day job. Personally, as an artist myself, who has put down her paintbrush for now, trying to make art for the past 20 years and still feel like I'm not even near to where I could be... and here is this wanker who watches and copies and makes a million dollars in 2 months off of a commercially imposed art exhibit.

Yea.. we're all just consumerism at the end of the day, and we encourage jokers like MBW to think they ACTUALLY have talent. Go watch "My Kid Painted That" and you'll understand what I mean. Banksy, on the other hand, is a true artist. In every sense of the word. 

Mr Brainwash

This is in The West Bank:

more Banksy...

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