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Even though I've been a bit of a slacker these past few days, and gained back 2 lbs, I am not discouraged. I got up early this morning, did my cardio, will go for a walk in a bit and plan to go do a major healthy grocery shop. But, I did take an hour and a half to myself to surf some Bloglovin' sites and get inspired for the day ahead. Thank god for sunshine. I cannot wait for spring/summer to arrive!

Love this bronzed look. I tend to do this look a lot:

Sometimes I wish my kitty would allow me to get her a companion.. but she is a recluse:

Romance *sigh*

I will be outside, basking in the late winters sun...
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I'm very surprised with myself. Actually, I'm shocked. I have successfully being eating healthy and excersizing consistently for one month now. I've lost around 10 lbs. I used to have a "my heaviest weight" mark on the scale, and at Christmas when I past that mark I had an epiphany. Either stay fat for the rest of my life and look like my mother, who is obese and on all sorts of meds to maintain her heart, diabetes and emotional issues, OR get off my fat ass and get moving. So I walk 4 times a week to the skytrain, which is about 30 minutes; twice a week I do a cardio routine that my trainer has designed for me. This cardio will be increased when she adds more for me, and when we both feel like I'm ready to up it a bit. Right now, after cardio, I get a head rush, feel nauseus and sometimes get a raging headache. I think the nausea is based on my neck, which is based on long term damage I received in a car accident 7 years ago. My neck is out so I feel sick when I strain it, try to do yoga.. and other such excersizes.

In any case, I'm just shocked at myself for even going this far, and I find motivation by going onto Youtube and looking at before & after weight loss pics. I feel inspired by the women who are bigger then I am and still managed to lose the excess weight. I feel like I am prolonging my life by exsersizing, being respective to my Factor 5 Lieden disorder, not smoking, drinking on the very rare occasion, not doing drugs and sleeping a lot.

This calls for a holy shit! HOLY SHIT!!!! I'm going to let my boyfriend take a pic of me in my underwear (I can't believe I'm going to let him do this, and I feel horrified to even look at this pic, let alone for him to see me in all my glory. I usually get dressed when he's not looking, or at night, dive under the covers to avoid being seen) so that once I reach my goal weight, I can compare the pics and feel better about how hard this has been.

I'm so excited. I wish it was September NOW so I can know if all this hard work has payed off. A part of me is scared that my thyroid is actually enlarged and all this hard work will be for nothing. The last time I had my blood check for hypothyroidism, it came back as normal. If I do lose the weight, maybe it will confirm that my doctor is just a nut and that I am ok....
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Tomorrow I start Day One of my new life. I am working with a personal trainer to get fit, in shape and hopefully, lose some weight. I have heart disease, obesity and diabetes running rampant in my family. I will be working with her as often as I can and she is VERY excited about working with me, since I have about 55 lbs to lose. It doesn't sound like alot, but it is. And it will be a huge lesson for me on how to properly take care of myself. After all, I miss my collar bones!
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My new years resolution was to start writing in my LJ again. But I felt that my old LJ was done. It recorded my 20's and frankly, I do not wish to relive, rehash or remember them. Tumultuous at best. So this LJ will be my fresh start. My indulgence. My release I suppose. I have promised myself that my thirties will be about indulging myself. So I will no longer hide that fact that I am obsessed with current and past pop culture. I was raised on People magazine and Robin Leeches "Life Style of the Rich & Famous". I know more about celebrities then the average person, and I'm not ashamed to admit, I can't get enough of LJ's  ohnotheydidnt  community. It's indulgence with zero calories. I am also obsessed with makeup. I have been a makeup artist for 13 years now. I work for a big cosmetics company who I will not name. But I LOVE my job. I LOVE that I can indulge in makeup whenever I want, then come home and indulge in a good film or two while surfing my iphone for new apps (another recent obsession of mine). Life is good right now.Thank God.

In any case, here is to new beginnings. No holding back!

In leau of my first post, I didn'y get to watch the Golden Globes tonight because I was at work.. But thanks to ohnotheydidnt , I got to see some of the dresses...Here is my list of favorites, and not so favorite. Beware, I'm not holding back....

Claire Danes & Leighton Meester looks stunning, sexy and glamorous and are by far my FAVORITE  dresses <3
Anne Hathaway-yay gold lame!
Sandra Bullock - love her vintage dress with heavy bangs
Jlo- tossed. like her in white, like the idea...but not sure if it works for her
Scarlett Johansson- like her dress, hate her hair & makeup. boring.
Olivia Wilde - fun! her dress looks like the night sky. ps. i love the name Olivia. so pretty
Piper Perabo - take away the ruffle shoulder, add a simple gold belt with gold chandelier earrings.. just sayin...
Kyra Sedwick - love the color and cut and bracelets.
Jane Krawkowski - nice colour, nice maternity cut, AWESOME hair!
Catherine Zeta-Jones - love the colour...not sure about the cut on her
Vanessa Willams - beautiful color, very flattering, nice cut and sexy

What's a polite way to say "I hate your dress?"...
Angelina Jolie - borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring
Natalie Portman- that rose is distracting. normally I like her dresses.. not this time.
Eva Longoria -too tight. period.
Halle Berry- I have a lifelong hatred for short dresses with long trains. beautiful makeup & hair
Megan Fox -odd dress on an odd body. whats wrong with her face (botox?)
Christina Aguleria (sp?)-  wtf? im plus size and even I KNOW not to wear that dress. also, her makeup artist needs to be fired. ASAP.
HATE Michelle Williams' dress. 1965 called, it wants its curtains back.
Kelly Osbourne- um... pose much?
Julia Styles - not styling in her 1990 bad black prom dress. too much poof and pomp for my taste.
Kaley Cuoco - hate the dress, love the color (buttercream <3! )
Jennifer Love Hewitt - dress makes her looks bigger then she really is. would have looked sexier in black
Elisabeth Moss - nice try. at least its better then that pastel number from before. boring hair. again.
Kelly Macdonald - so boring i bet noone has even noticed that she's arrived. Talk about blending into the background..
Helena Bonham Carter - barf. her dress and shoes and hair looks like barf. end of story.
Emma Stone - wow. she beat out Kelly Macdonald for the most boring dress
Heather Morris - whats with all the long, boring, plain coloured dresses? bad trend, bad!
Amy Adams - love her, love the navy color, hate the cut
Annette Benning - looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket. dress is NOT flattering. why do women with beautiful bodies choose such unflattering cuts?
Milla Jovovich - i know she's a mom, but moms can look sexy too. this was so blase. ugh.

Ok, so I just want to say, that even though I put down some peoples dresses and choices and makeup (Christina, I'm looking at you), I do actually like some of the women on my "hate" list. Ironically, I don't like everyone on my favorite list.That sounds so weird. Anyways, cheers!

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